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Hillary Clinton has “mental impairments,” and other highlights from the Value Voters Summit.

Imaginary persecution is always the VVS drumbeat, and this morning was no different. North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest raged about freedom-hating corporate America’s opposition to the state’s infamous “bathroom bill.” First Liberty Institute’s Kelly Shackleford cited a series of mostly debunked persecution stories to convince audience members that their freedoms are under vicious attack. And long-time religious right operative Gary Bauer called November a “Flight 93 election,” the implication apparently being that conservatives have to take down America before Democrats do the next 9/11.

However, Hillary Clinton has been the true star of the show. Worried about your freedom? Then Clinton is your boggart. Enter sentient potato and Texas congressman Louie Gohmert, who repeatedly insisted that Clinton suffers from “mental impairments”:

Gohmert managed to transition from this to a meandering meditation on the nature of Christianity as a religion of “love.” He then tied Clinton’s alleged anti-religious freedom crusade to a “Muslim Brotherhood project.”