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Donald Trump’s team is now floating an evil Clinton-Muslim Brotherhood-Iran nexus.


Walid Phares, a key Donald Trump adviser, has offered an original theory for his candidate’s plummeting poll numbers:

Poor Walid. He once allegedly trained Lebanese Christian militants; now his career as a “national security expert” depends on Trump’s ability to win a presidential campaign.

His tweet is fairly representative of his professional output to date in that it is both Islamophobic and totally false: There’s no evidence that Iran has tried to interfere with our election. There’s no evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has done so either (or that it possesses a functioning infrastructure in the U.S. at all).

But Phares built a career catering to reactionary night terrors, and he therefore understands that invoking “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Iran” is the right-wing equivalent of saying “Beetlejuice” three times. It’s all he needs to do to rouse Trump supporters, who’ve never met a conspiracy theory they didn’t believe.