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Grierson & Leitch Episode 39: The Accountant, Christine, and Pink Floyd: The Wall


Your accountant might not be able to use anti-aircraft weaponry, and he might not be able to take out an entire squadron of assassins while never dropping his pocket protector, and he probably doesn’t look like Ben Affleck. This is why they don’t make movies about your accountant. They do make movies about The Accountant, our primary review this week. We also discuss Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women and Antonio Campos’ Christine, both of which are terrific. Then, in our Reboot section, we zoom back to 1982, when those teachers wouldn’t leave those kids alone with Alan Parker’s Pink Floyd: The Wall. Mind-altering substances not included.

Grierson & Leitch write about the movies regularly for the New Republic and host a podcast on film. Follow them on Twitter @griersonleitch or visit their site