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Trump claimed, falsely, that the sexual assault accusations against him have been “debunked.”

Over the last week, numerous women have come out against Trump’s claim that his remarks about sexual assault were just “locker-room talk.” From Apprentice contestants to former employees, women have accused Trump of groping them and worse.

In response, Trump has asserted that the allegations are “one big ugly lie” created by the “establishment.” He stuck to this argument during tonight’s presidential debate, saying that the women’s claims have been “debunked” (they haven’t) and that he doesn’t even “know those people” (one of them interviewed him for People). Mike Pence has insinuated that the campaign has “evidence” that the allegations are false, but has not yet released said evidence. During the debate, Trump even went as far as to say, “I didn’t even apologize to my wife, because I didn’t do anything.” Maybe he should!