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Donald Trump knows he’s a bad guy. But he wants to be liked anyway.


In a tweet dragging Nordstrom for dropping his dear daughter’s clothing line due to its poor performance, Trump let slip that he is actually bad and constantly needs to be pushed by his daughter to do the “right thing.”

In the words of the great DJ Khaled: Congratulations, you played yourself. Trump has done literally all the wrong things since he stepped into the Oval Office, so one shudders to imagine what he would be like without Ivanka, who is no angel herself, telling him not to.

As Axios Presented By Weyland-Yutani reported today, friends of Trump say that he “likes to be liked. He’s a lifelong schmoozer and dealmaker who, despite the sharp elements of his message, doesn’t like being portrayed in the harsh light that the travel restrictions have triggered.” In other words, Trump just wants to be liked for doing the bad stuff that Ivanka may and or may not be telling him not to do. Is that so wrong?