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Donald Trump’s White House is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


One of Trump’s biggest selling points during the election was that he would run his government like a business. Aside from the fact that the whole premise makes no sense, the problem is that Trump is trying to run the government like his businesses—that is, badly. If Trump is America’s boss, the past three weeks have shown the depths of his inability to manage the country. And it’s starting to take a psychological toll on his administration.

Part of the problem is that Trump is not very smart. As reported by Politico, he is overwhelmed by even the most basic parts of his job. He is astounded by things that you learn in the 4th grade, like the fact that there is a separation of powers. He doesn’t understand why judges can overturn his executive orders and the Senate can delay his nominees. According to the article, Trump “often asks simple questions about policies, proposals, and personnel. And, when discussions get bogged down in details, the president has been known to quickly change the subject—to ‘seem in control at all times.’”

His staff is on a knife’s edge. National Security Council staffers are mad because of Steve Bannon’s appointment. No one quite knows what Jared Kushner does, but they “worry about running afoul” of him. Sean Spicer is miserably feeling the hot, hot breath of his boss over his shoulder at every moment (which he deserves). And the whole operation is leaking to the press like a sieve, prompting Trump to order internal investigations against his own people. Everyone is exhausted and demoralized. Some are starting to wonder if a “staff shake-up is in the works.” Apparently it’s so bad that even Chris Christie, a boy who thinks he deserves a balloon, believes he might get hired.

Trump is clearly getting frustrated by his job. If only he could quit.