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What will Donald Trump tweet about tomorrow morning?

No one has ever wanted Donald Trump to tweet at him as much as Jimmy Kimmel wants Donald Trump to tweet at him right now. “Two hours into the show and Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about us once,” Kimmel said with evident distress and self-satisfaction as he hosted the Oscars. (To be fair, Kimmel is always smug.) So Kimmel baited him:

This lame-ass flirtation characterizes Kimmel’s confused approach to Trump. As I wrote earlier in the evening, he clearly wants Trump to tweet about him, but isn’t willing to do anything controversial enough to actually get Trump to tweet about him.

Thankfully for Kimmel, Trump is obsessed with the Oscars, which is maybe his most underrated disqualifying characteristic. This 2012 Oscars recap would have been more effective than 99 percent of Hillary Clinton’s ads. She would have won if her campaign had simply aired this unedited clip in Michigan and Wisconsin.

So Donald Trump almost certainly will tweet about the Oscars tonight, but what will he tweet about? Some early guesses:

  • The standing ovation for Meryl Streep, who was barely in one movie
  • La La Land, which he presumably loved
  • Jimmy Kimmel calling him a racist or Kimmel being terrible (this would be funny and good, unless he praises Billy Crystal in the process)
  • The fact that most of the movies nominated didn’t make any money
  • That Salesman director Asghar Farhadi was exactly the kind of person he is trying to keep out of the country
  • That he made his son fast-forward through Moonlight to watch Chiron get beat up
  • That the Oscars were boring and way too focused on Donald Trump (even though he will obviously be extremely satisfied that the Oscars were too focused on Donald Trump)
  • Mel Gibson (aka talented Steve Bannon) got robbed

Update: We now know what Donald Trump will tweet about Monday morning.