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White House staffers are mad that no one praised them for pulling off the Easter Egg Roll.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Today, Politico published a wide-ranging report on Trump’s first 100 days, based on interviews with senior officials and with Donald Trump himself. The piece is full of interesting tidbits that reveal the inner dynamics of the administration, which haven’t changed much over the last 100 days—i.e., they are completely insane. 

On a whim, Trump insisted on talking to Politico reporters himself, to convince them that everything was fine, absolutely fine, with his administration. To prove this point, he forced Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner to walk into the room like debutantes to show how just how well everyone is getting along. (They aren’t.

Apparently, Trump has also been meeting with media goblin Matt Drudge for advice. And a White House official complained about how hard it is to govern, and how they have learned that having “the experience stuff” is actually helpful. 

But the best bit comes when we learn that senior staffers are angry that they didn’t get enough credit for the Easter Egg Roll:

West Wing staffers have even fumed about news coverage of the Easter Egg Roll. First, it was that Trump’s White House wouldn’t be smart enough to pull it off. Then, it was that no one would be there. And after the Easter Egg Roll went off without a hitch, “no one wanted to give us any credit,” said one senior administration official.

For once, they are right. So you heard it here from me first: Congratulations Trump staffers for pulling off the Easter Egg Roll! You are all definitely qualified to run our country.