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Scott Pruitt will always be a hero to his right-wing fans.


Pruitt has stepped down as head of the Environmental Protection Agency and his ideological allies have already crafted a narrative: Pruitt, they claim, was the victim of a leftist witch hunt. Prominent conservative pundits weighed in on this theme:

These arguments fail to engage with a simple fact: Scott Pruitt was the subject of more than a dozen ongoing investigations. One investigation already concluded he broke the law when he purchased a $43,000 secure phone booth without notifying Congress. The scale of Pruitt’s alleged corruption, in terms of the sheer number of infractions he might be guilty of, is without precedent in a cabinet official in modern American history.

Emily Atkin noted in The New Republic in April that the snowballing scandals around Pruitt were met by the conservative press with either silence or irrelevant whataboutism. “The conservative news sites that do mention Pruitt’s scandals are either very brief or highlight Trump’s support for him,” Atkin observed.

This trend seems to be continuing even after Pruitt’s resignation.