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To smear CNN’s Jim Acosta, White House seems to have borrowed a sped-up Infowars video.


Jim Acosta has had his press credentials to the White House revoked, with the Trump administration claiming, contrary to evidence, that he manhandled a female intern. The incident occurred during the raucous press conference on Wednesday, when Acosta got into a spat with the president and persisted in asking questions even when told to stop. A female intern tried to take his microphone away from him. During the exchange, when the intern had clearly entered into Acosta’s personal space, there was a brushing of the arms.

To bolster the case against Acosta, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted an edited video of the incident where the action is generally slowed down but speeds up right before the moment of contact, to create the false impression of a deliberate jab on the part of Acosta:

As Ashley Feinberg of The Huffington Post notes, the source of the doctored video Sanders posted seems to be Paul Joseph Watson, the editor-at-large of, a notorious conspiracy theory website.