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David Axelrod: Here’s How Biden Can Fix the “Age” Issue—and Beat Trump

The veteran Democratic strategist explains why he thinks the intraparty debate over the president’s age is mostly over—and how he can fix the problem in time to beat Trump.

David Axelrod in 2017
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit
David Axelrod in 2017

It’s the question that won’t die among D.C. elites: Should President Biden step aside so another Democrat can run instead? Democrats have engaged in some remarkably public handwringing about Biden’s age that just won’t let up. One Democrat who has insistently sounded the alarm is veteran strategist David Axelrod. So we invited him on the show, where he allowed that an alternative is unlikelywhile explaining how Biden can address the issue and why he’s still the favorite against Donald Trump.