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Why Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Fury Is About to Get Worse for the GOP

With the MAGA Congresswoman threatening to punish Mike Johnson for his pro-Ukraine heresy, her antics could now imperil GOP control of the House.

Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg/Getty
Representative Marjorie Taylor Green in Rock Hill, South Carolina, US, on February 23.

Now that Mike Johnson allowed Ukraine aid to pass the House on a broad bipartisan basis, an enraged Marjorie Taylor Greene is ramping up her threats to oust the Speaker. But a funny thing has happened: For many reasons, Greene’s efforts could end up accomplishing little for the MAGA right, even as they do more to endanger GOP control of the House. We chatted with Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania, a shrewd observer of all these dynamics, about the possibilities of more coalition governing, the future of MAGA in the House, and the threat posed by the ticking time bomb otherwise known as MTG.