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The Afternoon News

I'm Your Man: [Liz Sidoti, AP]: "Leading Republican presidential candidates, all flawed in the eyes of influential social conservatives, sought Friday to convince the restive group they will carry the torch for the right flank -- and Rudy Giuliani won't."

Youth Group: [Ben Adler, Politico]: "Democrats are heading into the presidential election year with uncommonly high hopes for under-30 voters, whom they expect to emerge as a force that could shape national politics well beyond 2008."

Big Spender: [Kevin Bogardus, The Hill]: "Rivals say presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (R) is preparing for his biggest self-financing campaign loan yet -- some estimate between $20 and $40 million -- to be delivered in what could be the final competitive month of the primary season: January 2008."

Family Guy: [Grant Schulte, DesMoines Register]: "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney vowed today in Iowa to create 'family impact statements' measuring the effect of federal legislation on families, should he win the White House."

Say It Ain't So: [Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico]: "If he [Stephen Colbert] continues moving toward a presidential campaign, particularly if he, or Comedy Central, keeps spending money exploring and promoting by hyping it on his nightly half-hour news parody show, he could get himself and his network in trouble for violating election laws, including those barring corporate campaign contributions."

--Ben Crair