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Obama Hits Clinton Over Support For Kyl-lieberman

Obama Takes Aim [Jim Rutenberg, New York Times]: "Senator Obama's campaign shared with reporters this morning this mailing it sent out highlighting his early opposition to the Iraq war 'when others went along' with the Bush war plan. But, in the latest wrinkle in the fight between the two Democratic candidates, the mailing also pointedly notes that, 'while other Democrats voted for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment, Barack Obama opposed another Bush foreign policy fiasco.'"

Electable, but Why? [Peter Wallsten, Los Angeles Times]: "As Edwards lays out the closing argument of his primary election campaign--that he is the most electable candidate and the most able to help fellow Democrats in conservative states--race and gender are forcing him to tread lightly."

Crackin' Down [Brendan Farrington and Libby Quaid, AP]: "Republican Fred Thompson said Tuesday the government should yank federal dollars from cities and states that don't report illegal immigrants. In his first major policy proposal, Thompson challenged presidential rivals Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney by criticizing "sanctuary cities" where city workers are barred from reporting suspected illegal immigrants who enroll their children in school or seek hospital treatment."

Surging Down South [Glen Johnson, AP]: "Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has been embraced in a most unlikely place: at Bob Jones University, the influential Christian college that teaches that his Mormon church is a cult. In early-voting South Carolina, Romney has picked up support among the evangelicals and social conservatives who are a political force."

Lynne Weighs In [Peter Baker, Washington Post]: "President Bush and Vice President Cheney have largely stayed out of the fray when it comes to the contest to claim the White House next year. But that has not stopped Lynne Cheney. The 'second lady,' for lack of a better title, has been out and about lately, happily bashing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner. But she does seem to have a soft spot for Sen. Barack Obama."

--Josh Patashnik