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Tenet, Bush, And "slam Dunk"

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"Within the White House and the vice president's office and the NSC, it's reasonable to assume that they'd decide amongst themselves what it is they wanted to highlight or not for Woodward. That's typically the way these things work. They'd get together and try to decide what information they're going to share, what documents they're going to show him, what story they're going to try to get him to tell. NSC officials, OVP officials, or White House staff would raise things with Woodward in their interviews, so that by the time he had his lengthy interview with President Bush, they knew he'd ask the president certain questions." He continued, "Presidents are prepped for these sessions: They're told what's important, what are the key points, and then they play it back. And so the people prepping the president will say, 'Woodward will probably want to ask you about these meetings, and you remember that meeting in December when Tenet said "slam dunk," and you remember how important that was?' And the president will say, 'I guess.' And then he has the interview with Woodward, and Woodward brings it up, and the president says 'slam dunk.' It's just the way these things go. And after it comes out just the way they want it to, the people who helped plant it invite people's attention to it. So the administration is seen as the victim of bad intelligence."
"the most despicable thing that ever happened to me"Jason Zengerle