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The Decline Of Spin

So the EPA just released a report showing that greenhouse-gas emissions increased by about one percent in 2005. A few weeks ago, the government's latest Climate Action Report, which had to be leaked to the press, revealed that emissions will grow at the same rate in the coming decade as they did in the previous decade, if current trends hold. Back in the old days, the administration might've tried to suppress this stuff, or at least given it a decent spin. (Say, by pointing out that Europe's not doing much better, and pretending that that makes it all okay.) Something, anything.

But no. Here's the EPA's press release: "'The Bush Administration's unparalleled financial, international and domestic commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is delivering real results,' said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson." It's like they're not even trying to be clever anymore. A flack gap, indeed.

--Bradford Plumer