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"go Out And Start Arresting People"

This attorney business just gets worse and worse:

Another fired prosecutor, John McKay, of Seattle, tells NEWSWEEK that local Republicans pressured him to launch a criminal probe of voting fraud that would tilt a deadlocked Washington governor's race. "They wanted me to go out and start arresting people," he says, adding that he refused to do so because there was "no evidence." After McKay was fired in December, he says he also got a phone call from a "clearly nervous" Elston asking if he intended to go public: "He was offering me a deal: you stay silent and the attorney general won't say anything bad about you." (Elston says he "can't imagine" how McKay got that impression. The call was meant to reassure McKay that the A.G. would not detail the reasons for the firings.)

The Los Angeles Times had a bit more over the weekend, adding that when McKay was interviewing with White House officials about a possible judgeship, "he said they criticized them for 'mishandling' things during the recount." Needless to say, he didn't land the job.

--Bradford Plumer