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Pray For George Bush's Health

by Sanford Levinson

New York Timeshere
1812-1813 (death of George Clinton)
1814-1817 (death of Elbridge Gerry)
Dec. 1832-March 1833 (resignation of John C. Calhoun)
1841-1845 (death of President Harrison and succession by John Tyler)
1850-1853 (death of Zachary Taylor and succession by Millard Fillmore)
1853-1857 (death of VP William R. King)
1865-1869 (death of Abraham Lincoln and succession by f Andrew Johnson)
1875-1877 (death of VP Henry Wilson)
1881-1885 (assassination of James A. Garfield and succession by Chester A. Arthur)
1885-1889 (death of VP Thomas Hendricks), 1897-1901 (death of VP Garrett Hobart)
1901-1905 (assassination of William McKinley and succession by TR Roosevelt)
1912-1913 (death of VP James Sherman)
1923-1925 (death of Warren Harding and succession by Calvin Coolidge)
1945-1949 (death of FDR and succession by Harry Truman)
1963-1965 (assassination of JFK and succession by LBJ)
Oct. 10, 1973-Dec. 6, 1973 (resignation of Spiro Agnew)
Aug. 9, 1974-Dec. 19, 1974 (ascension to presidency of Gerald Ford)