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Does Bill Clinton Want Hillary In The White House?

Yes ... and an enormous right-wing conspiracy is pursuing Hillary Clinton over her flat-footed comments on automobile licenses for illegal
immigrants.  Oops, it's not a right-wing conspiracy.  And, lo and behold, it's not a left-wing conspiracy either.  It's just her leading opponents,
fellow-Democrat Barack Obama, and Chris Dodd.   They were very sharp on Hillary's characteristic hedging.  John Edwards also got caught in the cross-winds.

The facts are this: Hillary wanted to lend some support to Eliot Spitzer's convoluted plan to give illegal immigrants automobile licenses...but (and this is what makes the idea convoluted) these documents should not be able to be used to get on an airplane.  The Rassmussen Poll reports that 77% of New Yorkers don't at all like the Spitzer idea.

So where does my allusion to a right-wing conspiracy come from?  It comes from Bill Clinton who compared Obama to the "swiftboaters" who tormented John Kerry in 2004.  There were other hyper-hysterical analogies.   This is phobic.

Wily Billy didn't suddenly become dopey Bill.  Somewhere deep down, he knew that the comparison was preposterous.  And, it occurred to me, that it was so stupid that it could only hurt his wife.

And here is my question: does Bill really want Hillary in the White House?  He couldn't have behaved more appropriately if he didn't.