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Lieberman Criticizes Dems; Second Look At Huckabee

Joltin' Joe [Kate Phillips, The New York Times]: "In remarks yesterday, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman criticized the Democratic presidential candidates for their adherence to the views of the 'politically paranoid, hyper-partisan' liberal base of the Democratic party, saying that allegiance could harm the eventual nominee’s chances of gaining entry to the White House."

They Like Mike [Stephanie Simon, Los Angeles Times]: "After months of dismissing Huckabee as a nice guy with no chance to win, Iowa's influential social conservatives are giving him a second look. The latest polls give him anywhere from 13% to 19% of the vote in Iowa, up from 2% to 3% a few months ago."

Immigration Nation [Dan Balz, Washington Post]: "Barack Obama said publicly Thursday what many Democrats are fretting about privately these days, which is that the Republicans will be coming after them next year on the issue of immigration and they'd better get ready."

Rudy and Bernie [Philip Elliott, Associated Press]: "Bernard Kerik did an irresponsible job training police in Iraq, presidential contender John McCain said Friday, adding to criticism of Kerik as Rudy Giuliani's former police commissioner surrendered to face charges in New York."

Cracking Down on Bundlers [Emily Cadei, CQ Politics]: "The Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Tuesday signed off on a proposal for new reporting requirements that would be placed on lobbyists who gather individuals’ campaign contributions for lump-sum delivery to a candidate or other political committee--an activity in which many of these so-called 'bundlers' participate in order to enhance their own political influence."

--Josh Patashnik