The funny and underrated 1998 film Primary Colors, based on Joe Klein's stump saga of the same name, offers a host of dramatic dispatches from the land of Jack and Susan Stanton, a southern power couple making a break for the White House. The whole cast--especially Billy Bob Thornton--does a credible job with a difficult task; that is, maintaining the paper-thin barrier between the campaign drama and Bill and Hillary Clinton's reality. 

All in all, the movie is hugely entertaining; an excellent intersection of pop and politics. I've included a clip from the film, which I now want to see again in its entirety. From the beginning, and again at 1:30 and 2:58 are surprisingly topical discussions relating to both of Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young's outrageous weekend comments on Barack Obama and Hillary (see Chris' earlier post). To wit: the clip features a black policitian/strategist from the east coast elite lambasted as a "honky" in disguise, and a fearsome wifely team of spinners, ready to pounce on the opposition, or any hint of "some bimbo from a former life", or "who the governor's pluggin' " these days. 

It's also worth listening to the internal debate on the press, the public and politics versus policy--something you'd be hard-pressed to hear within the current Clinton campaign.

(P.S. A feisty, less-cute Patty Solis Doyle surrogate pops up at 3:23)

--Dayo Olopade