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Like (brainwashed) Father, Like (pandering) Son

The Apple Never Falls Far... [David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times]: "On the trail, his father’s ghost hovers constantly over the Romney campaign. ... Both father and son have displayed an impatient ambition, each turning his attention to the White House almost as soon as he was elected governor."

About Those New Hampshire Independents [Alec MacGillis, Washington Post]: "Political scientists studying the state have noted in recent years that most of its undeclared voters favor one party, with a slight majority now leaning Democratic, and are thus independent in name only."

How Would Anyone Get That Idea? [Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times]: "Eager to present a more likable public face, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is giving herself a multimedia makeover. The Democratic presidential candidate is hoping to counter impressions that she is a guarded, intimidating figure who cares more for policy analysis than for people."

White-Collar Barack [Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press]: "Barack Obama's appeal among Democrats is undeniable. He's near the top of every poll and he packs rooms wherever he goes. But a vital piece of the Democratic power establishment isn't showing him any love: labor unions."

Giuliani--Somehow--Still On Top [USA Today/Gallup]: New national poll (MoE +/- 5 percent). Democrats: Clinton 45 percent, Obama 27, Edwards 15. Republicans: Giuliani 27 percent, Huckabee 16, McCain 14, Romney 14, Thompson 14.

--Josh Patashnik