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Hillary's Next Move; Giuliani Still Swimming?

Full Force: [Jay Stevens, Left in the West]: “[There] was one telling fact about last night's caucus: voter turnout. In short, in a state that went for Bush in 2004, Democratic turnout for the caucus was almost twice as high as it was four years ago.”

Hillary v. History: [Dick Polman, Dick Polman’s American Debate]: “[H]illary has the money and moxie to battle Obama to the bitter end, and it should be noted that several past candidates (Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush) have lost Iowa but won the White House. The problem is, the Obama challenge is historically unique, and she risks being subsumed by forces beyond her control.”

Last Woman Standing: [R.J. Eskow, The Huffington Post]: “The electorate is unimpressed by her campaign strategy, and her response seems to be to tear down the other guy so that voters will accept her because they have no other choice. This was Hillary Clinton's chance to redefine herself in a positive way.”

Wishful Thinking?: [John Podhoretz, Commentary]: “With no one especially strong on the Republican side through the first few states, the Giuliani strategy of betting it all on Florida on January 29 and the big states on February 5 is looking better than it did a week ago.”

--Ben Crair