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Is Hillary Entitled To The White House?

I know Bill has said that "Hillary doesn't think she's entitled to the presidency," but you have to wonder after stuff like this. From Karen Tumulty's report on Hillary's visit to an HBCU in Columbia this morning:

Clinton was also accompanied by former New York Mayor David Dinkins and New York Congressman Charlie Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Rangel's is the most powerful chairmanship in Congress, Clinton told the audience of several hundred. "He didn't get there by leapfrogging. He got there by lots of hard work." [Emphasis added.]

Is that what she thinks Obama is trying to do? Leapfrog her? Last time I checked, they're both U.S. Senators. Yes, Hillary has four more years in that job than Obama; but Obama has four more years in elected office than Hillary. And, besides, the seniority argument is the sort of thing you use when you're fighting for Senate committee assignments; I don't think it applies to the White House.

--Jason Zengerle