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The Most Convoluted Case For Hillary

It comes from longtime Clinton apparatchik--and Hill blogger--Lanny Davis (whose "author's note" protests a bit too much, don't you think?):

If You Want the ‘Dream Ticket,’ Then Vote for Hillary

I admit my bias towards Sen. Clinton because I believe so strongly she is more experienced and ready to be president than Sen. Obama, although I am not bashful to say I hold Sen. Obama in great esteem and admire the way he has energized younger voters.

Watching both of them in last Friday night’s debate discussing the issues civilly and virtually embracing after the debate was over, I was proud to be a Democrat and to have two such outstanding candidates. However, the final question by Wolf Blitzer as to whether they would consider the other on the ticket begged the following reality. (To repeat: This is entirely my opinion, not reflecting anyone’s view from the Clinton campaign or anyone connected to the campaign.)

That reality is that it is highly unlikely — I would say virtually impossible — for the ticket to be Obama-Clinton; but it is at least possible that it could be Clinton-Obama. I say this not because of any bias towards Sen. Clinton. It is just a simple reality. Sen. Clinton would not likely want to be vice president — she is now holding the U.S. Senate seat of the revered Sen. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and she hardly would enthusiastically give up that Senate seat to go back to the White House, even as vice president.

Moreover, it is very likely Sen. Obama might feel having Sen. Clinton as his vice president would be very difficult since, given her fame and political influence, it would create the appearance (if not the reality) of a co-presidency.

On the other hand, a Clinton-Obama ticket would fit into the aspirations and goals of many supporters of both candidates: Most Clinton supporters like Sen. Obama and believe he could make a good president, just not yet; and most Obama supporters would love to see him as president but might see the wisdom of waiting eight years so when he runs for president as vice president, the issue of experience and political maturity will not be a factor.

So, if you like Sen. Obama but want the dream ticket, vote for Sen. Clinton! And be patient — eight years from now, he could be President Obama.

Noted without comment. 

Late Update: It's also interesting to note--in light of Davis's insistence that he was speaking for himself and not the Clinton campaign--that Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe floated the same Obama-as-veep balloon earlier today. My comment? Great minds think alike I guess. 

Later Update: Lanny Davis emails me to note:

1. I have no official position in campaign but don't mind being called an unofficial surrogate and old friend and supporter of Clintons.
2.  I offered these opinions on my own, without consulting with anyone from campaign.
3.  I did not talk to Terry McAuliffe at all about this piece - and haven't talked to him except a few words of hello for a long time.

--Jason Zengerle