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Release The Documents!

"The Clintons' shadiest donors" are featured on an adjoining spot on our home page. Generally, it is not entirely new. Still, in accumulated detail, one cannot quite get over how Bill and Hillary live with these scummy personages. And have the insolence, besides, to lecture others on ethics in public life. I've made this point once before: the former president's latest book should not have been called "Giving" but "Taking."

In any case, we owe the New York Times enormous gratitude for having unearthed the tale of Bill Clinton's shenanigans with Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, dictator of Kazakhstan for fully 19 years, on behalf of a Canadian billionaire, Frank Giustra. Giustra reaped enough in Kazakh uranium holdings to reward Clinton with a contribution of $131.3 million to his presidential library. How much Clinton reaped privately is not known.

America has been trying to dislodge the tyrant. This meant not nothing to Clinton who, ironically, supported Nazarbayev as head of an international organization that promotes free elections and democracy. This is a laugh. But a bitter laugh.

Every fact in this Times story wreaks of poison. Imagine how Clinton would behave with Hillary in the White House.

What the public should demand is that the secret records of the presidential library and the Clinton foundations be released, and released before the Democratic nomination is determined.