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Is Don't Ask Don't Tell Worse Than Waterboarding?

That seemed to be what CIA director Michael Hayden was saying during his Congressional testimony yesterday. From the NYT:

General Hayden bristled when asked about Congressional attempts to mandate that C.I.A. interrogators be required to use the more limited set of interrogation methods contained in the Army Field Manual, which is used by military interrogators.

“It would make no more sense to apply the Army’s field manual to C.I.A.,” General Hayden said, “than it would to take the Army Field Manual on grooming and apply it to my agency, or the Army Field Manual on recruiting and apply it to my agency. Or, for that matter, the Army Field Manual on sexual orientation and apply it to my agency.” [Emphasis added.]

That's probably just a debater's point. But it's an interesting one, especially when you consider that the person responsible for DADT--Bill Clinton--is the same person responsible for ending the executive order that denied security clearances to gays.

--Jason Zengerle