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Blame Hillary, Not Solis Doyle

I don't know much about the inner politics of the Clinton campaign.  There is one top manager there whom I like and respect very much.  But I wouldn't--for his sake--mention his name.  And I can't estimate the political fall-out that's going to result from Hillary displacing Patti Solis Doyle, a Hispanic woman, with Maggie Williams, also a woman but a black woman.  I do know that all of this was predicted in Michelle Cottle's fast-paced but scrupulous account of the hair-pulling in the Hillary camp.

There is one thing I do grasp, however, and that is when a candidate begins replacing staff it is usually the candidate him- or herself  who is making the big mistakes.  This should be an augury of white might happen in a Hillary White House.  Like what happened in Jimmy Carter's White House.