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The Vindication Of Al Gore

The most trying experience for me, a Gore loyalist, after the Supreme Court gave George Bush the election in 2000 (and for years thereafter) was to sit and listen to the autopsies of the oh, so smart people who knew just how Al had screwed up. So what did the wise people say?  "He should have used Bill Clinton more."

The fact is that I have never discussed, post-election, this particular matter with Gore. And neither did I discuss it with him during the campaign. But I was sure then that it was wisdom. I don't believe that Gore has had much regret.

Especially in view of how Clinton behaved during his wife's campaign. I repeat here my speculation that Clinton does not really care much, deep-down, that Hillary should be in the White House. And I would even hazard a guess that he didn't much care whether or not Al won.

But Gore must have had more than an inkling of how Clinton would have behaved and what he might have said had he been given, by the candidate himself, center stage.  Poor Hillary she has once again been betrayed by his amour propre.