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Hillaryland's Dubious Power-sharing Arrangement

The Times behind-the-scenes account of Hillaryland dysfunction had this curious graf: 

Mrs. Clinton’s top advisers said that while her management style might be untidy, it showed her to be comfortable with conflicting ideas among her aides. They said she had pronounced herself “ready to learn” from her mistakes and was resistant to placing too much power in the hands of a single political adviser in the mold of Karl Rove in President Bush’s two campaigns for the White House.

Hmm... I guess I disagree a bit with Hillary's top advisers on this point. The campaign's undoubtedly seen some intense factional warfare. And Hillary does have several influential advisers, none of whom is quite the equivalent of Karl Rove. On the other hand, Mark Penn is pretty close. I don't think someone "resistant to placing too much power in the hands of a single political adviser" would make Penn both her chief statregist and her campaign's only pollster--meaning he gets to test whether his own advice is working. In fact, you could argue that one reason for all the infighting is that everyone else thinks Penn has too much power.

--Noam Scheiber