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The Fiendishly Secretive Clintons

The Clinton Presidential Library, a tax-exempt institution supposedly devoted to scholarship, has, according to the Associated Press, just released 2,830 pages of documents related to the midnight pardons given by Bill as he and Hillary were exiting the White House.  How good of the principals to have, after almost eight years since their tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue came to a close, allowed scholars to see what they were up with the unruly power of clemency.
But scholars are not going to see everything.  Far from it.  The library withheld 1,114 pages of stuff the Clintons want to keep from the eyes of both scholars and the public.  And, of the two, presumably, it's the public that Bill and Hillary are mostly concerned to keep in the dark. 
Plus: the contributors.  Which governments and kingly foundations bought influence with Bill and are still buying influence with Hillary through their oh, so generous gifts to the monument for the Clintons' vanity?  Sorry.  This is confidential information.