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The Black Bush?

A few weeks back Isaac speculated about whether race was a factor in the outcome of the Ohio-Texas two-step. Commenter ironyroad asked a few good questions in response:

"Why are older Democrats 'reluctant to vote for Obama' on race grounds?  What is the nature of this reluctance, assuming there is one in reality?  Do they believe that

(a) he is going to have crack parties in the White House and bring down the neighborhood?

(b) that he is going to make Al Sharpton ambassador to Britain?

(c) that he is going to wear a pink suit to give the state of the union address?

or possibly (d) that he is going to make foreigners think that there's no white folks left in America?"

First I laughed, and then wondered the same thing. There are obviously new and shifting answers to the question, but this Dave Chappelle oldie takes the above presumptions to their logical conclusion--and gets in dozens of jabs at the Bush war plan in the process.

For those who haven't seen it, it's great satire, though definitely NSFW.

--Dayo Olopade