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Hillary's Schedule

Yes, Hillary woke up at 3 a.m.  But it was because the red phone rang
next to their bed and he was not there to answer it.

Yes, Hillary visited 80 countries, a day in each, a tourist stop here, a
formal reception there.  Foreign policy experience?  A pig's ass.  She did
play hostess at White House receptions.  But so did Laura Bush, though the
Bushes did not like events like that.

Don Van Natta Jr. and John M. Broder of the New York Times have combed
through the ex-first lady's now released schedule during Bill's time
in office. The fact is that the two correspondents find nothing to
validate her presumptuous claim to having had experience with foreign
policy, either when the president was attending to international affairs or
when he wasn't, which was a long time near the end. Mrs. Clinton certainly
was no Mrs. Wilson.

Hillary's reality is that she cannot get through 24 hours without a gross
exaggeration and some times without telling an outright lie.

We have been through eight years of Clinton-type deception and seven and a
half years of Bush-type deception. Isn't it enough?