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More Karl Rove U.s. Attorney Meddling?

This time it allegedly involves his nemesis Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. attorney in Chicago and Plame case investigator:

A prominent Illinois Republican Party leader may have tried to use his friendship with the former White House political aide Karl Rove to push for the ouster of the United States attorney in Chicago, a federal prosecutor said in court on Wednesday.

The accusation came in the trial of a Chicago-area political fund-raiser and businessman, Antoin Rezko, who is facing bribery charges as part of a wide-ranging corruption investigation that has been a source of embarrassment to both Democrats and Republicans in Illinois.

The ultimate source of this accusation is apparently Rezko himself, so take it with a pretty big grain of salt. But I can't say I'd be incredibly shocked if it were true.

--Josh Patashnik