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Hillary Clinton, Pickpocket

Boy, Clinton isn't giving an inch in her speech. Not much outreach to Obama's crowd just yet, as she doubles (triples?) down about the gas tax holiday that has clearly been a rallying point for Obama supporters over the last five days. And "on to the White House" doesn't suggest she is going to stop that Mack truck if "a skinny kid with a funny name" gets in the way. 

Nor is she showing much compassion for the hardscrabble working people who "hold their breath at the gas pump" only to see astronomical costs. She knows they "feel invisible" when it costs $60 or $70 to fill a tank--yet they are promptly encouraged to check out and give it all away--in service Are we or aren't we in a recession? Will she rebate any contributions over the $30 her voters "have coming" this summer?

--Dayo Olopade