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Show Bush Some Birthday Lovin'

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan has just drawn to my attention to the fact that our fearless president has a birthday coming up. (Bush turns 62 on July 6, for those keeping track.)  

Unsurprisingly, the good chariman feels that the most appropriate way for all of us to celebrate this joyous event is to donate $62 (or however much we can spare--$100? $1,000? $2,000?) to the great GOP electoral cause and then add our names to the "virtual birthday eCard" that the RNC has so thoughtfully put together for the POTUS:

Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. May this day and every day be filled with family, friends, and good fortune.

Best Wishes on your 62nd Birthday, President Bush.

Now, I know they mean well. But is this really the best message the fine folks at the RNC could come up with after all this president and his team have done for this country? It just seems so impersonal--and frankly, not much fun.

Instead, I'd like to encourage everyone out there to craft their own individual birthday message for President Bush, perhaps listing three or four of his administration's achievements that have made a real, lasting impression upon you. Don't be afraid to be specific--and creative. As Chairman Duncan reminds us in his post-script plea, "this is your last chance to join the First Lady in making this an extra special birthday celebration for our President."

Then, to avoid the hassle of having your card caught up in all the garden-variety White House correspondence (though, if you feel compelled, the generic address is, why not send your card directly to Chairman Duncan's office  ( Since his team is so clearly in the birthday spirit, I'm sure they'd be happy to pass it along. Show them what a real birthday greeting looks like.

--Michelle Cottle