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The Mccain Veep Timetable, False Alarm Edition

Jonathan Martin follows up on the Bob Novak item suggesting McCain might announce his veep choice this week:

John McCain has narrowed his vice-presidential possibilities to the point where he considered a decision this week -- but he’s likely to hold off, say sources close to the campaign. 

The prospect of stepping on Barack Obama's much-anticipated overseas trip with the headline-grabbing news was discussed among the small inner-circle of McCain aides and advisers privy to the running mate decision, according to a McCain source.

This person declined to categorically rule out an announcement in the coming days, but other plugged-in sources said it was unlikely.

Interesting idea. But also pretty risky, no? I mean, what if they had a veep announcement and nobody came? What if, instead of stepping on Obama's trip, the trip massively stepped on the announcement? I don't think they could at all be confident this wouldn't happen, which obviously advises against doing it.

--Noam Scheiber