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A One-term Pledge For Mccain?

Check out how campaign manager Rick Davis handles the question from Fox's Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: Is there any chance that Senator McCain will pledge to serve only one term as president and that there will be no politics in the White House?

DAVIS: Well, first of all, if you know John McCain, you know there's not going to be much politics in the White House anyway. I mean, he doesn't grade any of his decisions either as a senator or in the future as president on what the political dynamic is. You look at his history, whether it's campaign finance reform, or opposing this administration on detainee abuse and things like that, he does what he thinks is right for the country, and he's going to do that throughout his career no matter what office he holds.

WALLACE: But is there any possibility, because I didn't get an answer there — is there any thought — is there any possibility that he would consider issuing a pledge, say, at the Republican convention, "I will serve one term as president?"

DAVIS: Chris, you're going to have to come to the Republican convention to find out what's going to happen there. And I think everybody should tune in, because it's going to be an excellent event and very interesting to all viewers.

WALLACE: You're not ruling it out.

DAVIS: I'm not talking about it at all.

Very interesting....

--Michael Crowley