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Rita Is For Obama!

No, not Rita Hayworth.  She's been dead more than 20 years.  It's Rita Hauser.  Rita Hauser?  Yes, Rita Hauser.  Who did you say?  Rita Hauser.  Hauser: H-A-U-S-E-R.

She's a Repubican, and it's good news that Republicans are voting for Obama.  For example, former congressman Jim Leach of Iowa and former senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, have also endorsed Obama, although Chafee may be the dumbest official person I've ever met, bar none.  It's true that they both were defeated for re-election.  But a Republican is a Republican.

The article (by Edward Luce) reporting these endorsements in this morning's FT also included news of a third Republican endorsement, that of Ms. Hauser, identified as "a former White House intelligence adviser," whatever that means.  I actually doubt that Luce knew who Hauser is, although she's a big (no, enormous) contributor to the 
Council on Foreign Relations, which tells you how imaginative her charities are, although they do get her the kind of standing for which she yearns.  She is a trustee of the Council, and an ally there of its executive director,  Richard Haas, like her one of those Jews for whom Israel can never be docile enough.

Susan Eisenhower, Ike's grand-daughter, is also on the list of Obamacans.

Hauser said that she's endorsing the Democratic nominee because McCain is too "bellicose" on Georgia.  Actually, she is one of those who still hopes Obama will shaft Israel.  Poor lady, she will not find a home.