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A Mormon-evangelical Rapprochement?

Marc Ambinder notices something that I'd been meaning to point out myself: 

By bankrolling opposition to same-sex marriage in California, the LDS church has earned some serious cred in social conservative circles.

And the Prop 8 protesters -- those who are now protesting the church -- are only fueling the impression that when it comes to standing up for "traditional marriage," the Mormon Church is where it's at.

This development has fascinating implications for 2012.

When you think about Mitt Romney's problems in '08, it seemed as if the biggest one was his inability to convert the enthusiasm social conservative elites felt for him into enthusiasm for him among social conservatives at the grassroots level. If, over the next few years, the Mormon Church becomes the driving force behind the anti-gay marriage crusade, isn't that likely to change opinions about the LDS among rank-and-file social conservatives? And wouldn't that be a serious boost to Romney if, despite his friends' claims to the contrary, he runs for the White House in '12?

--Jason Zengerle