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Where Should The Press Camp Out?

At a packed press briefing in Washington today, transition co-chair John Podesta announced ethics rules for the next nine weeks and took questions on topics ranging from a reported spat with the White House to how Obama's team will participate--behind the scenes, because "we have one president at a time"--at the Bush administration's upcoming financial summit. You can read about it here.

What seemed to weigh on the minds of reporters, though, many of whom were still exhausted from the campaign trail, was the perennial anxiety about access. Of particular concern was where major announcements will be made--about Cabinet appointments and other personnel. Will it be Chicago or DC? Podesta offered few details. "We will try to give you as much advance as possible, but I have none for you today," he said. He added that announcements "most likely will take place in Chicago, although I can't guarantee that."

Translation: Be ready to hop a flight to the Windy City on a moment's notice. No rest for the weary, it appears.

--Seyward Darby