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The Clintonite Infiltration Continues

Obama announces that Louis Caldera, a Secretary of the Army during the Clinton administration and a Hillary Clinton backer during the '08 primaries, will be his Director of the White House Military Office. Not a huge job, but interesting nonetheless.

It seems one of the key Clintonites to keep an eye right now is Wendy Sherman, a Clinton-era State Department official who's now the head of Obama's State Department review team. As Time reports:

[I]f Clinton retains her it could signal a return at State to the approach Albright pursued--more activist than realist abroad (as reflected in Albright's approach to Kosovo and Bosnia), but nevertheless fairly centrist. If Sherman is not kept on, the range of potential replacements runs from cautious liberals to even some moderate Republicans.

And, of course, there's the always interesting question of what happens to Richard Holbrooke. I can't imagine he's going to spend the next four years sitting on the sidelines. Maybe Obama and Clinton should create a special India-Pakistan-Afghanistan portfolio for him--a portfolio that would make his Balkans assignment look like a PTA meeting by comparison.

--Jason Zengerle