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The Great Postage Stamp Conflict Of Interest

An amusing tidbit from today's Times story on Obama appointees whose spouses have potential conflicts of interest: 

Several other spouses of people tapped for top Obama administration jobs have careers connected to government.

Susan E. Rice, the United Nations ambassador pick, is married to a producer of the ABC program “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” Gregory B. Craig, the White House counsel designate, is married to a graphic designer who has worked on Postal Service stamps. And the wife of Timothy F. Geithner, who is Mr. Obama’s choice for Treasury secretary, once worked for Common Cause, a watchdog group that lobbies for tighter ethics rules.

I suppose Craig will recuse himself during internal deliberations about why the Postal Service can't make all their stamps self-adhesive. (Is there anyone out there who actually wants to lick a stamp? Please no e-mails from members of some militant philatelist faction--you know who you are...)

--Noam Scheiber