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Transition News 1/15

It seems Obama will have four years with a Democratic Congress. What will that mean

Republican leaders defend Geithner. 

Military planners start scheming for a quicker Iraq withdrawal. 

Politico explains why Geithner's tax mistake is a common one. 

What Biden will do, without the overblown power Cheney had. 

Many of D.C.'s homeless to be taken to shelters for the inauguration. 

A Q&A with Carol Browner, the new energy czarina

How "medical diplomacy" could affect Obama's presidency. 

Just how tight is security in DC for the inauguration? Really, really tight

Why inaugural balls are overrated. 

Here's hoping, Slate says, that the Obama White House will have better wine than Bush's did. 

Check out a new Obama-Spiderman comic book. Yes, really. 

--Seyward Darby