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Photos Of Power

Ordinarily, there's almost nothing to read in The New York Times Sunday Magazine. But usually there's quite a lot of print. In yesterday's "Inaugural Issue," there is just about ten pages of print which includes more than three pages of letters to the editor.

The rest is devoted to 52 full-page photographs of "Obama's People" and another six pages of those same photos, but smaller, with little bios below them. There are 128 pages in the whole magazine, most of them devoted to ads. Good for the Times which, despite its failings, we all need it to survive and prosper. That is, for the good of the country, too.

The first three people are (in this order) Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff; Susan Rice, ambassador-designate to the United Nations, a prime choice; and Larry Summers, director of the National Economic Council. The photographer is Nadav Kander for whom character is in both face and posture.

The picture of Hillary Clinton is no kindness to her. She is too taut and too rouged up to seem amenable to an open discussion of anything. She is
18th in the Times pecking order as opposed to Samantha Power who is ninth and looks both very serious and amenably gorgeous.  Which she is.