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Transition News 1/20 (final Edition!)

What does the transition say about how Obama will govern? 

How Obama might redefine the U.S. presidency

NYT editorial calls on Obama to show support for the bankruptcy amendment in the recovery package.

Eugene Robinson says Obama's time in office will change the way we think about race. 

Which Republicans are most likely to support Obama in D.C.?

Just how quickly will the White House switch from saying farewell to Bush to saying hello to Obama? (Hint: Really quickly.)

Bob Herbert talks about the people he wishes were here to see Obama's inauguration, while David Brooks assesses the government repair Obama must address. 

Hillary Clinton could face trouble in her confirmation vote. 

What Pennsylvania Avenue symbolizes. 

Slate's slideshow of great inauguration moments, and its inaugural speech written by readers. 

Party on: The international celebration of Obama's big day.

--Seyward Darby