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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

It's got a fine location and lots of space but, let's face facts, it hasn't been well kept up and is a bit of a mess at first glance:

Still, with a new owner and a little bit of care and attention, I bet.... There. much better:

Yes, when the Cheneys drove the moving van out Massachusetts Avenue they took with them the mysterious security concerns that required the U.S. Geological Survey to scramble satellite photos of the veep's residence--a treatment it did not extend to the White House, Capitol, or Pentagon. I guess this means that the Bidens won't be continuing their predecessors' tradition of wild,  pagan bacchanalia on the Naval Observatory grounds.

In other pixel-related news, check out (via Andrew Sullivan) David Bergman's bewilderingly detailed composite photo of the inauguration and see how many Washington eminences you can spot who have something stuck in their teeth.

--Christopher Orr