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It All Begins Here, In The District

It's been a bad day at the White House, with Killefer and Daschle bowing out. If you're looking for some humor and a lighter take on the Obama administration, check out Newsweek's new mock TV show, The District. It places Obama in the position of Whitney on MTV's new show, The City, a spin-off of the oh-so-bad-and-addictive The Hills. So far, the show has chronicled the Geithner debacle and the stimulus debate, with a pumping musical score by the Pussycat Dolls and Pink.

Choice segment: "In this city, you have to learn pretty quickly where you fit in. There are the Democrats, like my best friends Joe and Hillary. We used to be frenemies when we were all running for the Democratic nomination. Now they're totally on Team Barack."

Whoever does Obama's voice is spot-on. Here's hoping for more awesome episodes.

UPDATE: Looks like Obama is voiced by this guy. I'm still betting on Jamie Foxx for the eventual, inevitable biopic, though. 

--Seyward Darby