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Cupcakes Kill!

 The flip side of Fat America is the growing obsession with healthy eating by (at the risk of stereotyping) many blue-state cultural elites who would rather drink kerosene than ingest refined sugar, non-organic produce, or any food stuff that had ever come in contact with a trans fat. 

I am embarrassed to admit that the whole bad-food hysteria has started to make me paranoid. (Not that it impacts what I eat, mind you; it simply convinces me that every mouthful of white rice brings me one step closer to death.) But what I find sad--if utterly unsurprising--is that it also seems to be having an impact on the kids of food-crazed parents.

It's like our germ obsession, but worse. Making kids Purel themselves from nose to toes every time they touch the ground is sad and pathetic. Making them anxious about every morsel of food that enters their little mouths is just cruel. 

I definitely smell a new wave of eating disorders coming down the pipeline. 

--Michelle Cottle