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The Volcano Wars, Ctd.

Last week, I uncovered Bobby Jindal's diabolical plan to bury rival Sarah Palin's presidential aspirations under a deadly layer of volcanic ash. Well, Lisa Murkowski--perhaps hoping that Palin keeps her eye on the White House rather than her own Senate seat--has the Alaska governor's back:

"Recently there were some comments made about federal spending for volcano monitoring being wasteful,” Murkowski said during a speech on the Senate floor. “I can assure you that monitoring volcanoes is critically important to the nation and especially to my home state of Alaska.”

The GOP really can't catch a break these days with its witless, doesn't-this-program-sound-funny attacks on spending. Next thing you know, Montana will be overrun by giant, man-eating supergrizzlies whose appearance we could have prevented if we'd spent just a little bit more on bear-DNA studies.

--Christopher Orr